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深圳市尚合景观设计有限公司是SHARCH DESIGN CO.,LIMITED(美国尚合设计有限公司)的下属子公司,于1996年就开始在中国的业务,已完成项目150多个,项目遍及中国30个城市。服务的客户共100多个。其下属尚合建筑、尚合景观、尚合上海分公司、内蒙办事处、尚合成都分公司以及上合投资,并与多家一流设计机构结为合作伙伴,能为客户提供建筑、景观、室内、机电工程顾问、导视、BIM、交通规划、商业动线等各类专业设计的设计综合服务商。




SHARCH DESIGN CO., LIMITED has been grown and based her business activity in China ever since its inception in 1996.  Sharch has completed more than 150 projects, serving more than 100 activist clients, exhibiting projects in over 30 cities throughout mainland China successfully, Sharch Group include Sharch Architecture Design subsidiary、Landscape Design subsidiary and with few branches around China such as Sharch Shanghai branch, Inner Mongolia office and Chengdu subsidiary and operating as well SHARCH INVESTMENT(CHINA) CO.,LTD .

Sharch Design of integrated service provider for HOPSCA. Sharch cooperation with a number of first-class design institutions to provide property development with Architecture design, Landscape design, Interior design, Mechanical and electrical engineering consultants, Sign-system-design, BIM, transport planning consultants, business circulation analysis etc.

Our Landscape Design business philosophy: "let the innovation get deeply in each project" is what we always uphold the idea: "think what you really think,   in to providing more comprehensive design services" is our commitment and our duty as we always do.

Landscape Design include: residential, City Park, RV campsite, city green road, tourist resort and commercial space landscape design.

In 2012, Landscape Design subsidiary signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhonghai hongyang Group. And build many real , great projects successfully, We are practiced at "low cost, low process" under the condition for an higher quality and fast effect Landscape design of the second and third line cities 

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